NEWS & UPDATES: Should We Delete Unpleasant Memories?

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Memory Distortions in a Museum Tour—Mice (and fMRI) Tell the Truth     (Posted 3/16/2014)

8/28/2014      Susumu Tonegawa, the neurobiologist from MIT and HHMI, who conducted

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Robin Williams’ Art Is His Melancholy – And Great Love

Illustration for Dante’s Purgatorio 20 by Gustave Doré  (French, 1720-1778) (Public Domain) 

Are we selling Robin Williams short? His contribution to

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Blurring Boundaries In Art – Why La La Land Is Such Fertile Ground

Great news from Los Angeles!

William Forsythe (American b. 1949, New York) will be

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NEWS: AUTUMN 2013 – Leonardo Reviews for Understanding Pain…Warhol’s Silver Factory


MY NEW BOOK REVIEWIs pain to be avoided at all costs? 

Back pain? Shoulder pain? Migraine?  You may feel better if you know more about it…

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NEWS: WINTER 2012 – Happenings in Art, Science and Other Stuff

HIGHWAYS & BYWAYS: Your brain wiring in 3-D…

The Human Connectome Project can now scan and  show all the wiring in your brain – but not yet

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