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2017 Venice Biennale (I) – Art As Mirror

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[A note from Cecilia: This is a very late review as the Biennale is closing in November. I went in May but have been very busy working on a book. I am resuming my postings here and will do so as often as I can. There are many things I want to write about: shows and artists from Paris, London, New York, Los Angeles, and lots of other places, not to mention new experiments in neurobiology that may explain artistic expressions and creativity] Read More »

Helping The One-Percenters – The 99% Do Their Best

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Robert Smithson,  Dead Tree, 1969 (Destroyed. Reconstruction at the 2015 Venice Biennale).  *      


‘“When you look at the issues facing society now – whether it’s health care, climate change, terrorism, energy – these are the kids who have the most potential to solve these problems,” says David Lubinski, professor of psychology in Vanderbilt University in Tennessee. “These are the kids we’d do well to bet on.”’
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