At Home in Rome – Thomas Houseago’s Monumental Figures


I’d like [visitors] to have a window into the studio and feel an ambition about what sculpture can be, feel the energy, both positively and negatively…these are the things I am trying to do without irony or anything hidden.

The British-born, Los Angeles-based sculptor Thomas Houseago has just come

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Learning at Shantou University – Reading Kafka in China

Andy Warhol: 15 Minutes Eternal is now at the Hong Kong Museum of Art (through March 31). During the opening festivities there last December, word came that 

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Of Chimp & Child – And Aesop’s Fable

How smart is your four-year-old? Not as smart as a chimp,  or maybe even Aesop’s rook. Watch these videos in the BBC News report  Spitting and Urinating Chimps ‘Replay Aesop’s Fable. 

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Upside Down And Googling for Light – Does Teaching mean Learning?

How important is Learning as opposed to Teaching?  Can we judge by Googling the two words?  I did so and counted the number of hits returned.

Bingo… The teaching establishments are catching up with us, the people.

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Plants Send SOS – And The Art of Learning

The smell of fresh cut grass means very different things to  green plants vs to us humans.

The smell comes from a class of chemicals called Green-leaf Volatiles (GLV) which can protect the plant against predators.

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