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What Mad Pursuit – Francis Crick 1916-2004

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But to convey my own feelings, I cannot do better than quote…the painter John Minton in which he said of his own artistic creations, “The important thing is to be there when the picture is painted.”
                                                                    Francis Crick, on his discovery of DNA structure

On this day eight years ago, the most creative biologist of the twentieth century died in San Diego, California. He was one of the greatest scientists of of all time, along with Einstein, Read More »

Richard Feynman 1918-1988 – The Value of Art

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On this day,  February 15, Richard Feynman died in Los Angeles,  in 1988.  He was of course the Nobel physicist (1965) who was well known for his idiosyncrasies. One of them was that he played the Bongo drum (professionally), and furthermore, from repairing  radios to  picking locks… to painting and poetry he did it all. So on this day, I will print a poem from one of his lectures, The Value of Science Read More »

Monet’s Eyesight – And Our Blind Faith?

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In his late seventies, and nearly blind with severe cataracts, was Monet ‘experimenting’, painting ‘modernist abstractions’? Many have long claimed just that from his late broad brushstrokes,  lack of detail and highlights, and dark, muddy colors. Others see a darkened vision of advancing age, which is true; except it was quite real, not entirely psychological. Read More »

How Brainy Are We? Not Very

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Let me count the beans…

We  have about 100 billion neurons (nerve cells) in our brain, ok give or take a billion or two.  Each neuron has  an average of maybe  1000 synapses – connections between neurons without which the brain is as good as dead.  Read More »

Can Computers Visualize? No. Not Yet

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Visualization is now the hot thing in computer graphics. It is not just important in designing realistic video games etc, it is a way to encode very complex data making it comprehensible at one glance, or two.  From the many variables in global weather patterns to  the subtleties of consumer behavior, Read More »