LED Lighting For The Sistine Chapel – The Genius Of Rome In New Glory

  Sistine Chapel Ceiling: Creation of Adam  (1510, Michelangelo)

Yes, I have been to the Sistine Chapel. But did I actually

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Why Action Painters are Mostly Male? Neurobiologists May Have Found an Answer

Male and female brains are wired differently. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania looked at the Connectome, the road map

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At Home in Rome – Thomas Houseago’s Monumental Figures

Reclining Figure (For Rome,2013)


I’d like [visitors] to have a window into the studio and feel an ambition about what sculpture can be, feel the energy, both positively and negatively…these are the things I am trying to do without irony or anything hidden.

The British-born, Los Angeles-based sculptor Thomas Houseago has just come

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Who’s the Real Artist – Leonardo or Michelangelo?

Who is the greater novelist, Tolstoy or Dostoevsky? The writer Kevin Hartnett, writing in The Millions admitted to his preference for “Tolstoy’s ability to see the angles of everyday life to Dostoevsky’s taste for the manic edges of experience.

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