NEWS: SPRING 2013 – Happenings in Art, Science and Other Stuff

ART REALLY IS ALCHEMYGolden microbial art  

C. metallidurans can make real gold, right in a museum

I CAN SEE THROUGH YOU: The transparent brain 

If we are not exactly getting transparency from everyone, including the government, we are getting it from the mouse brain —after it is dead. (See report from Stanford University). But it is not any less important. With the White House’s new billion-dollar project to map our brain’s circuits in real time (plus many others, see NEWS: Winter 2012), the transparent brain will bring us another step closer to solving the puzzle of our brain (if not our politics) … 


The most anticipated show of 2013,
The Carnegie International is happening!  (October 5 – March 16, 2014) 
Coinciding with the Venice Biennale this year, the slightly younger (founded 1896) International is unique in that it is produced by a museum, the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh. It was the brainchild of the museum’s founder, Andrew Carnegie who with prescience, wanted to collect “old masters of tomorrow”.  He saw very early that America would never have the Michelangelos or the Donatellos like Italy… and he believed in America. Along with the exciting Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh will be the destination this fall!

BUG-EYED NEANDERTHALS:  See too much, think too little How eyes led to demise…  Neanderthals had aspirin and penicillin…

 BEES DO IT:  Can Starbucks help us learn?

The ultimate customer loyalty lure

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