“All my life, I have been led by my eyes, seeing and following, out of curiosity, going almost anywhere…, without much thinking.”

Cecilia has dreamed of being a writer since the age of ten – oh, yes, writing the best-seller – and was even published in the Sing Tao Daily in Hong Kong while in fifth grade.

But college and life intruded and she studied biology (and later design), ending with degrees in physiology and biochemistry. And children, (two good ones). She has taught design as well as physiology and anatomy in Los Angeles and Hong Kong universities. She also holds a master’s degree in modern and contemporary art history from Sotheby’s Institute/University of Manchester in London.

Her interests have been the borderline between science and art, specifically, seeing art and our response to it – the bodily, or physiological reactions. The brain, especially the visual brain is of particular interest.

Cecilia currently lives in Los Angeles.

NB The subtile of this site,”The Meaning of It All” is the title of a book by
Richard Feynman, Nobel Prize in physics, 1965, on the uncertainty of science.

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