Uncertainty In Video Games – To Hate Is To Love

How we hate uncertainty, and why we want more of it….That’s video games for you.

Find out why we do that in this fun book by video game designer Greg Costikyan, Uncertainty in Games, from MIT Press’s Playful Thinking Series.

Also see my review of the book here, in Leonardo Reviews. It’s a crackling  and intelligent book  not just for gamers, as I am not. But it touches on art, and our human perception and learning. As one might expect, something so pervasive as video gaming has to have a reason to be and my review looks into that.

Have fun by not playing a game.


11/13/2014   Here’s my post on whether video games can be art, or science; and the position of MoMA on collecting video games; and also how a university research department is enlisting gamers without scientific knowledge to help solve science problems.

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