Do Scientists See Art?

I examine the art piece for specific elements significant to a particular artist – brush stroke, clor, manner and favorite shapes.                                                                                    

                –  Elizabeth Kubicki, participant  in  MIT Physics  Department Hallway Art Quiz.     

Kubicki,  an assistant in the Microsystems  Technology Laboratories,  also said: art is mirroring our life, art is exercising our freedom and art is implementing our intellect. (See article below from

Yes, art is democracy at its deepest level. The artist Ellsworth Kelly said:

I like my own freedom to do what I want without anyone telling me what to do. I feel we all want our space. My work has that feeling of really wanting its own space. My paintings are about freedom.

That freedom includes art for everyone – in the truest sense of the word  – the sharing of our common  visual perceptual processes, the eyes and the brain.


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