Zaha Hadid’s Guangzhou Opera House – Symbol Of A Southern City


Guangzhou Opera House


Mao had allegedly said that women held up half the sky. True or not, well, he (and China) needed workers!

One thing is for sure (I think) – Zaha Hadid has

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Too Much Science Is Bad For Art? Gabriel Orozco Thinks So



Gabriel Orozco’s installation in the de la Cruz collection, Miami, Florida

Although he keeps up on the latest science, the Mexican artist  Gabriel Orozco is careful to keep a distance. 

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Authentic Art – A Sequel

‘LOOKING at art is not SEEING Art–which when “seen” is from the solar plexus/soul  not in the eyes. Can you tell when a person is [seeing] authentic??? saying their truth????’

(My answer to Eliane’s comment above in this post got a bit long so I am here making a post of it as it technically is another subject). Eliane put the spotlight now on the viewer:

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